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  • About Expocasa

        Shanghai Expocasa Ltd. Was founded in 2000. Our flag shop with an exhibition hall of 3,000 m2 locates in the business district of Jingan Temple. The address is No. 200, Zhenning Road, Shanghai. In 2015, Expocasa launched the Chinese Original Brand Plan and has been spending unremitting efforts in original design. We now have the “Jinzhi Now&Future” style for modern home that features simplicity, the “Fabio” style that embodies the aesthetics and perspectives of both East and West, and the “TangTang” style that integrates Art Deco with Shanghai Style for magnificent and distinctive decorations.




    NOW & FUTURE Jinzhi --Jinzhi as a present for tomorrow

    The “Jinzhi” series holds “Design, Share, Fashion” as core concepts by focusing on the present and exploring the unlimited possibilities of modern design and future life.

    NOW & FUTURE Jinzhi -- Design, share, and lead the trend for wonderful life experience

    NOW & FUTURE Jinzhi -- Parametric design and techniques to manifest good quality with details

    NOW & FUTURE Jinzhi -- Constantly explores the relation between furniture and space, gives life to the infinite imaginations about future living space


    The Fabio Style

    The Fabio Style -- The understanding and pursuit of East and West for beauty and beautiful life

    The Fabio Style -- Brings out the harmony of movement and stillness from the natural state of things 

    The Fabio Style -- Captures the details and endows everyday life with the spirituality of design


    TangTang -- Embodies the charm of East and West with fashion as company, sparkled with a taste of Shanghai style

    Tangtang -- Various designs and multiple combinations that highlight different cultures according to different materials

    Tangtang -- Unique fine-tuned design that breaks through the mainstream neo-Chinese style



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